L.A Girl HD Pro Conceal color correctors in Yellow, Orange and Green – Review and Swatches


Color correcting is all the rage these days and I am already a fan. If you are new to this concept, color correcting is cancelling out the discoloration around ones skin with colored concealers. The Logic works as per the color wheel.

Blue has orange color opposite to it, so to cancel blue, one needs to cover it with orange. Similarly, Red has color green opposite to it, so to cover redness, one needs green colored pigment. I will explain further in this post how the color correcting works.

L.A. Girl pro Conceal range is already a much loved product on blogosphere, their color correcting concealers are equally talked about. I bought them in a kit with Yellow, Orange and green correctors. Let’s see how they fared for me.1

What company says: Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet light weight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

Price for Qty.: I bought it for Rs. 1566 for a kit of 3 shades. It has 8ml of product in each tube.

Product & Texture: These are highly pigmented creamy concealers, packed in a plastic tube with a plastic brush applicator. The texture is quite thick, almost moussy to touch. It’s very smooth and creamy, it doesn’t drip or run at all, and is quite blendable.

What I have to say: Holy Molly! Where has this range been all my life! It’s really sad they are not available in India at over the counter setup yet. I have been loving color correcting my skin before going in with my foundation lately. I don’t have huge discoloration on my face, but I love how with color correcting I don’t need to use as much base makeup, and my face looks all even toned easily.  My most used are the orange and yellow ones, but the green one also comes in handy every now and then.


Orange Corrector: This is my most used and my most favorite one. I use it under my eyes and around my mouth to correct the darkness in these areas. The blue-purple tones of the under eye circles and the darkness around our mouth is cancelled by the orange color. It is a VERY pigmented product, I kid you not. If you go overboard with it, you will need the heaviest coverage foundation or concealer on top of it to hide the orange color. I use the tiniest amount of it, squeeze a bit on my ring finger and apply it directly in my under eye area using my fingers. The warmth of the finger really blends in the product onto the skin, and it being super pigmented, it easily covers a good amount of area. Try using it only where you see darkness, like the area right under your inner corner or the edges around your lips. The idea is to keep the products applied to a minimal. Once blended nicely, I let it sit for a minute or so, allowing it to set nicely. Then I go over with my foundation and concealer as usual. I notice I need much less amount of concealer under my eyes and the effect is much brighter. Then finally set the area with a setting powder and you’re good to go. This color is perfect for medium to deeper skin tones, I don’t recommend this to any one with very light skin tones. If you have a lighter complexion, try using something with more salmon color.


Yellow Corrector: Between this and orange corrector, I think I enjoy the results of Yellow corrector a tad more. Yellow cancels out shadows and brightens the skin. This product is pale, almost banana yellow in color. I apply it on top of my concealer to highlight my under eye area. I apply it to the bridge of my nose and center of my forehead as well. It helps bring the center of the face forward, highlighting the features you would want to bring more attention to. It is not good enough on its own to conceal the areas, I’d say mixing it with concealer or foundation is the best way to go. If you are using this product, I recommend setting it with a yellow toned powder or a translucent powder, in order to retain the highlighted effect. I think, every time I do an intense makeup look, using this yellow corrector is mandatory for me, it brings the whole look together, making sure my face is not weighed down with all the makeup. Thumbs up from my side!

DSC04734 DSC04722

Green Corrector: This is probably my least used color, but is a great product none the less. A green corrector helps counteract the redness on one’s skin. It will work great for someone with rosacea as well. Even though concealer does cover up the redness on skin, but throughout the day, the redness can peek through and make the face look tired and hot. Using a green corrector before applying foundation helps prevent the redness showing through for longer. I have a little redness around my nose, so I use this corrector sometimes to cover it and it works great. Just like the other 2 colors, this one is also very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

DSC04736 DSC04723

All the 3 correctors are very creamy and super easy to blend. Given the price that they come for, they are a steal. They easily stay 8+ hours on my skin and never go patchy or look funny through the day. The packaging is very travel friendly and simple. I am not a fan of the plastic brush directly on skin, but if you keep cleaning the brush, I think it works well to apply the product onto the skin. All in all, these are a winner in my book, I will always make sure to have them in my vanity.

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Very pigmented, easy to blend
  • The colors are great for medium to deeper skin tones
  • Stay for a long time without going patchy
  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly packaging

You might hate it coz:

  • Few people might not like the brush applicator, but at this price, I am not complaining!


Availability (In India)

Overall, I highly recommend these to anyone who suffers with discoloration on the skin, these are easy to use and work great for color correction. And for the price, they are a total steal.

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  1. Aparnaa

    Seriously awesome video! It explains the process very clearly. I understood precisely what needs to be done even though I’m not a pro in the art of applying make-up. I definitely am looking forward to more gyaan from you on this subject 😊

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