Kryolan Glam Glow (Highlighter) – Review and Swatches


Hello everyone. How are you all doing? I am on a roll these days. Have written so many pending reviews, am already on reviewing more products, planning out my entire next month. There is so much to do and I don’t seem to be getting tired anytime soon, which, off course is an awesome thing. Coming back to the product I am reviewing today. I am a sucker for natural glow on my skin, and I totally hate the chunky sparkly thingy’s on my face in the name of “Natural Glow”. My last visit to Kryolan, I bought a blush palette with 10 colors, which is already reviewed on my blog. The thing that was kinda stopping me from buying them was the flat matte texture, I was on the edge about it. Then, my eyes fell on this product, shining in the corner of the display unit, with a humble “Glam Glow” tag. I was intrigued, and obviously gave it a look and ended up buying it. It is the product which helped me finally buy the blush palette as well. How? Read on to know.


What company says: A micronized compact powder with exceptionally soft and silky consistency, for glamorous light and glowing effects on the skin. Available as Blush, Bronzer and Suntan. Glamour Glow is uniformly applied without streaking with a velvet powder puff. This make-up is noted for its pleasurable wearing comfort and its good durability.


Price for Qty.: Rs. 1000 approx. (can’t remember exactly) for 10 Gms


Product & Texture: It is a pressed powder with soft shimmer which is very very fine and comes out as slight sheen on skin. The color is very close to my skin, a little on the bronzy-golden side. It does not show up as a white highlight on the skin, but is quite subtle. The texture is smooth and is not very powdery. I never saw any fallout on the pan when picking up with a brush.


What I have to say: When I bought this product, I was not convinced of it as a highlighter. It has very mild sheen, almost like evening sunset reflection. It is fine for probably a no makeup day, but for the glow to be really something, one needs to layer it, a lot. Initially, I thought I might not use it much, but, at the time I was in the store, holding the Kryolan blush palette and this side by side, it struck to me that both can be mixed together. The bronzy-golden sheen mixed with matte blushes give an amazing glow to your face. The blush looks more polished, the color is a bit lightened, but looks amazing none the less. If you have seen the satiny blushes like Style from MAC, this product provides exactly the same kind of shine to skin, a tad more subtle though.

If layered properly, the skin looks very polished and sophisticated. I almost use it with all my matte blushes and the result is always phenomenal. On its own, it doesn’t do much, it barely shows up on my skin, but combined with a matte blush, it is divine.

In the swatches below, you can see, there a single swatch of the product, which is barely visible. Then there is a matte red blush from Kryolan alone, and then mixed with this product. You can see the color is lightened a little, but the result is an entirely new finish. For this reason, I am now in LOVE with this product. The quantity is huge, it will last me a lifetime. The texture has gotten a little stiff over time, but nothing that bothers me. It might look more golden on paler skin tones, but for medium to deep skin, this is an awesome buy.

The staying power is pretty nice as well, I can see the subtle glow on me even after 5 hours of application. Packaging however is a little meh! it is made of silver plastic with two sections inside. Top section holds the product, when one lift the compact, there is a section below which has a mirror and a brush. The brush is quite soft but sheds a lot. I don’t use it much but can be handy touch ups. Overall the compact is not so sleek and will take space in your bag, but it is not something that will annoy you.

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • It gives the most natural glow to the skin
  • Blends easily on skin, looks almost skin like
  • Mixed with matte blushes, this product transforms their texture completely. Total love
  • Packaging is sturdy, though boring.
  • Comes with a mirror and applicator.

You might hate it coz:

  • The price is a little on the higher side
  • People who prefer heavy highlights should skip it
  • Availability is limited, Kryolan products are not easily available



Red Blush, Red blush topped with glamglow, Glamglow alone

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Availability (in India)

Overall, it is not a must have but a good to have product. If you can find it, do have a look. In case you prefer slight glow over your matte blushes, this can be helpful.

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