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Remember the art classes we used to have in schools. Well, I was never great at drawing stuff, but the array of colors around me, the water colors, the paint palettes, they were always my thing. Even if I didn’t make a good use of them, I would still buy different kinds of paints and keep them with me. Well, that love remains. The product that I am to review today, reminds me of those water color palettes. The packaging, the colors, it all makes me nostalgic. Precisely the reason I bought it in an instant. But the better part was, me falling in love with it. What made me fall for this product? Read on to find out.


What company says: Blusher Palette with 10 colors are ideal for professional use. Blusher is a creamy pressed powder for dry application. The exceptional formulation enhances a gentle application and produces a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin. The micronized pigments offer the possibility of applying this preparation not only with fashionable transparency, but also with vivid color emphasis.


Price for Qty.: Rs. 2000 for 10 shades palette.


Product & Texture: The product contains 10 matte blushes. These are flat matte finish, with no shimmer or sheen or sparkle whatsoever. Packed in a tin like palette, it looks much like a paint kit. It has no mirror or applicator with it. The blushes are fixed and are not removable or replaceable.


What I have to say: For most part of my makeup love, I have steered away from heavy blushes. I used to have 2 or 3 neutral blushes that I would mix and match with any lipstick. Over time, I have realized the importance of using the right blush with your makeup. A blush ties the entire look together, it gives color to the face preventing from looking very flat face. If coordinated nicely with the lip color, it enhances one’s features. A red lipstick might be a statement on its own, but without an appropriate blush, it can make you look too pale or flat or unwell.

Once clear with the idea, I started hoarding blushes like mad, and now, I prefer to put some blush always on my face, even if I go bare lips. It kinda gives that complete face feeling to me. In the initial hunt for the affordable yet good quality blushes, I came to Kryolan. I knew it is a professional line of cosmetics and provides quite good quality products. I thought I will buy 2 or 3 blushes to see how they fare. But, on the contrary, the SA showed me this palette of 10 blushers in one, and oh my god, I was sold. It was like I will never need any other blusher ever, well, not literally, but if you are not a makeup enthusiast, and want to be done with one product for your life, this might be it.

The texture of all the blushes is FLAT MATTE. Not a hint of shimmer or even satiny sheen to any of the shades. Initially, I was not very happy with this fact, I like my blushes to give some dimension to my face. But with time, I realized it was better to use matte blushes, as you can always add a highlighter to get that glow, or on oily skin, you can go with the matte look. It can be sort of customized.

Coming down to texture. These are quite smooth and buttery. The pigmentation is great across the palette, in fact, for the deeper colors, one has to be a little light handed, or you may end up looking like clown. I love the face that it covers all pinks, mauves, peaches, reds, neutrals in one palette. It’s like, I can carry this on any trip, no matter how long it is, and I will be sorted for all days. The blushes on an average, stay about 4 hours on my skin. The stay can be extended by using a good primer beneath.

The variety is huge, Kryolan also has a 15 color, 20 color palette. You can go for as much variety as you would want. The only issue here is availability. They don’t have many stores across the country. I know of one in Chennai. Other cities, some dealers do stock Kryolan, but it’s not all the range that is available with them. Besides this, this being my first buy from Kryolan, I am determined to try out more from them.



T1: Bright peach with smooth texture. Looks a lot like Melba by MAC.

Youth Red: Bright Red with Orange undertones. Would go great with any red or orange lipstick. Highly pigmented, need to be very light handed with this one.

081: Natural pink with subtle mauve notes. Can be a great everyday color for medium to olive skin tones.

Light Red: Nowhere close to being red, it’s like a bright orange with hint of coral. Will go great with Corally orange lip colors.

075: Beautiful dusty peach with brown undertones. Great neutral color for every day. Looks good with all nude lipsticks.


Mocca: A sort of brick plus red plus brown shade, which is amazing for deep skin tones. Very wearable and very pretty.

Lake: Deep Mauve, will work with all berry tones lipsticks. Very pigmented, easy to go overboard with.

TC2: Milky peach, best suited for paler skin tones. Might look a little powdery on deeper skin tones. Will work with heavy smoked eyes and just a hint of color on lips.

R6: Probably my favorite color from the palette, a peachy pink with more of pink than peach. A very pretty everyday color to go with all your pink lips. Instantly gives a fresh face look.

Shading Red: No idea why they call it red, it does not even belong to the same family. It is again a nice bright orange, little less neonish than light red.

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • It covers almost all basic blush colors one could need.
  • Great quality for the price
  • Can be mixed with highlighters to give a different look
  • Very pigmented
  • Smooth and blendable
  • Handy packaging, slim and sturdy.
  • Priced appropriate given you get 10 high quality blushes in one go.

You might hate it coz:

  • Availability is an issue in India for Kryolan products.
  • No mirror, no applicator provided.
  • Those who prefer shimmery blushes, or blushes with slight sheen, this is not for them.








Blushes Close up


Top Row( From Left): T1, Youth Red, 081, Light Red, 075


Top Row Blended (from left): T1, Youth Red, 081, Light Red, 075


Bottom Row (From Left): Mocca, Lake, TC2, R6, Shading Red


Bottom Row Blended (From Left): Mocca, Lake, TC 2, R6, Shading Red

Availability (in India)

If you can get your hands on this palette, I will recommend at least taking swatches. Depending on your liking for matte blushes, this one is a good investment.

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