Top 10 – Affordable Nude Lipsticks for Indian skintones


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With my last post on my Top 5 affordable fall lipsticks, I thought why stop there? given I am a big fan of nude lipsticks, I decided to talk about them too. I do have a good collection of nude lipsticks, and I keep trying different brands. I would like to mention, the definition of nude is different for different skin tones. What is nude lipstick on me, would be darker for lighter skintones, and paler for deeper skintones. So, the ones I am talking about in this post are the ones best suited for medium skintones.

I hate to use the word Indian skintones, as we have a huge variety of skintypes and tones across our country, but given most people lie in the medium skintone zone, I would suppose these lipsticks would suit most of us.

If you are darker than me, (I am NC42 in MAC), then may be you would want to try the lipstick in the store before you buy it.

All these lipsticks are available at

1 & 2. Essence Nude lipsticks in 03 Come Naturally and 05 Cool Nude (Rs. 299 each): These 2 lipsticks are real surprise for me, I have reviewed them here. With such low prices, these lipsticks are amazing quality. Cool nude is a little more sheer than come naturally. The shades are a tad pale for me, I only wear them when I have some eye makeup on, or they kind of wash out my face, but if you want, you can put a darker lip liner beneath, and wear them on their own, without much of eye makeup. If you are lighter than me, they will look super amazing on you. Love love love. highly recommend.

Left: 03 Come Naturally, Right: 05 Cool Nude

Essence 03 Come Naturally

Essence 05 Cool Nude

3 & 4. Nykaa Matte lipsticks in 11M Naughty Nude and 12M Taupe Thrill (Rs. 399 each): Another 2 of my very favourite lipsticks. Nykaa knocked it out of the park with these formulae. Naughty nude is more peachy, while taupe thrill is more cool toned, but both look stunning on medium to dark skin tones. I love to wear them on my no makeup days, or with heavy kohled eyes, or with, almost any makeup. I am going to order backups, at this price, I don’t think I am ever living without them.

Left: 11M Naughty Nude, Right: 12M Taupe Thrill

Nykaa 11M Naughty Nude

Nykaa 12M Taupe Thrill

5 & 6. Colorbar Velvet matte in Bare (Rs. 325) and Full Finish Long wear lipstick in Kiss me (Rs. 595): Colorbar has been around since so long, and I have tried so many lipsticks from them that it is actually difficult to pick a favourite. I love most of them. But these 2 lip colors stand out for me, because I have gone through 2 tubes of each, and am on my 3rd one now. The long wear lipstick formula is one of my favourite, it is soft matte, but never drying. The color of this one is closest to my natural lip color, so I love to wear it without any makeup. It is opaque enough to cover the pigmentation on my lips and stays for more than 4 hours on me. The velvet mattes are a cult favourite by now I guess. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend buying a few. They are affordable and really good quality. Bare is more neautral than kiss me, but a beautiful color nonetheless. Can’t rave enough about these.

Left: Velvet Matte Bare, Right: Longwear Lipstick Kiss me

Colorbar Bare

Colorbar Kiss me

7 & 8. Maybelline Colorsenational moisture lipstick in Chestnut (Rs. 285) and Lip gradation in Mauve 1 (Rs. 500): Maybelline lipsticks are the best thing that happened to India drugstore makeup. They range from all range, and provide all kinds of formula. Matte, semi mattes, sheer, liquid, gloss, crayon…they make all kinds of lipstick. Although I have a favourite from each of their range, I will talk about the 2 lip products that I have come back to time and time again. The colorsensational lipsticks are their cheapest but one of the biggest range of lipsticks. At 285, these products have amazing quality. The color chestnut is very nourishing, opaque and long lasting lipstick. I love how it compliments my complexion. The lip gradation crayons are fairly new, but I am totally in awe of the formula. These are matte, but never drying. The color Mauve 1 forms the best nude for warm medium skin tones. You will always find it in my handbag. Love them both.

Left: Chestnut, Right: Mauve 1

Maybelline Mauve1

Maybelline Chestnut

9. Lakme 9 to 5 Latte Rules (Rs. 450): I have not tried a lot of Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks, for a simple reason, they put shimmer in few of their best shades, and that puts me off. But this particular shade is heavenly. Its true peachy- brown lipstick, and almost looks taupe-y on me. I love the whole warm appearance of this color, love to pair it with my bronzy makeup. The formula is great, glides on easy, stays on long. No complains whatsoever.


10. Rimmel Lasting finish Lipstick in 240 Undressed (Rs 275): This lip color is a very pale nude for medium to dark skintones. I almost never wear it alone. But I love to use it to lighten my lip color, or apply only in the center of my lips, just to give that spotlight ombre effect. I sometimes wear it on top of brown lip liner, it gives a very pretty cool toned lip color. I like the formula, but I hate the smell the lipstick has. I still find myself using it more than often. For this price, it is not a bad shade to have.

Left: Lakme Latte Rules, Right: Rimmel 240 Underessed


Lakme Latte Rules

Rimmel Undressed

These are my top 10 affordable nude lipsticks from my stash. Do leave you favourite colors in the comment section. Would love to know your favourites too.

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