Why is Camouflage print a girl’s best friend?


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How are you all doing? How is new year treating you so far?

I am totally swamped with work. Given even with the year being new, the number of hours in my day are not going to increase, I keep trying to save time on getting ready or on my daily chores, so that I can accomodate more work and get done in a timely way. But being the person I am, I cannot compromise with style in my daily life either. I have to go to work looking all put together, no amount of lack of sleep can demotivate me from looking good. I know how difficult it can be to get ready in the morning, put makeup (if you like to) and make sure your outfit is all looking nice and fine.

For my daily comfort wear, I have a few tricks that help me look great without much effort. I will share my tips on blog, all along this month. For starters, I am talking about camouflage print today. Now, I am deeply madly in love with camo prints, or as you would call them, the military prints. I have almost every piece of apparel in camo prints, trousers, jeans, t-shirt, shirt, jacket, scarf, bag and what not. Camo print is high amongst celebrities too, you would see them being captured in it more than often these days. They are a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and can be worn in all sort of ways. I will mention a few ways I like to wear them.

  1. Camo trousers (buy here): Camo print trousers are the best thing for any girl, no matter what body shape you have. After black, I feel camo print is something that really helps to make your legs appear much more in shape. They come in different patters, I recommend going with the ones which are more cool toned, and do not have any yellows or blues in them. Even though, you will find a lot of baggy pants/ cargos in camo prints, I prefer the ones which are more fitted and skinny. You can pair these with almost any color tshirt. I love to wear them with a loose white tee or pale yellow tshirts. Put on your sneakers, or wedges or wear those high boots, and your good to go. It is so effortless to put together, and you’re all hip and trendy in no time. Throw on a casual coat to make it look more formal.

    Pair with simple tee and your favourite boots

    White tee and camo pants are match made in heaven

    Throw on a blazer to amp up the look

  2. Camo Shirts/Jackets (buy here): There are so many camo shirts and jackets in the market. I prefer to buy those shirts, with the ticker denim sorts of material. These double as jackets for not so cold days. You can pair these with almost any bottom wear. For casual days, put on your favourite jeans, a ganji and wear the shirt on top. If you feel more like wearing to fun party, try pairing with metallic skirts. a metallic skirt, black ganji and a camo shirt, trust me, everyone will be in awe of you. (metallic skirts I recommend, buy here, here, here and here). I normally do not accessorise too much when I wear a camo shirt, I feel the print is enough to grab attention, but if you wish to, some worn out gold bracelets would look great. Sometimes, I wear an overall black look, with black denims and a black tee, and just tie a camo shirt on the waist. Trust me, this is never going out of trend.

    Simple solid bottoms and camo, effortless and chic

    Break the monotone with a camo jacket/shirt

    you gotta have a white tee with camo anything

  3. Camo Accessories/Footwear (buy here): I looooove to accessorize with camo prints. I must have some 5 scarves in camo print. Just like jacket, put on a monotone look, black, or white or denim, and just perk it up with a camo scarf. It easily breaks the monotony and adds the fun element. Because the camo prints are not too loud, there is no risk of being occasion appropriate. You can wear these almost on any day, any occasion. One can also pair them with some denim shorts, white tee and a simple blazer. Your outfit will instantly look better with no effort at all. There are also great watches available in camo print. if you are in a mood for little grunge, camo watches look super cool. Camo shoes come in different styles. You can find sneakers, loafers, flats, boots and even heels in camo print these days. I find them very useful, I can pair them with almost everything. Loafers in camo print are my favourite, I wear them with all my jeans, trousers and my dresses too. Wear any solid color shift dress or a tshirt dress, and pair them with camo loafers or sneakers. Its the easiest recipe to a chic yet comfortable outfit.

    Ankle sneakers to go with shorts

    Camo loafers

  4. Camo dresses (buy here, here and here): Camo dresses are the easiest to work with.  Honestly, you don’t even need to think what to pair with these. I just throw on the dress, and some sneakers, and I am good. Some days, I like to wear a denim jacket or a long coat on top, to save myself from the chill, and to add to the chicness. I would recommend, not to wear a printed jacket or shirt on top of camo dresses, they would most likely clash and appear confusing. When you wear camo anything, keep everything else simple and avoid any other prints.

    Simple tshirt dress with sneakers

    Throw on a long coat and hat to add the oomph


I hope you find this post helpful. Do leave me comments, how you like to wear camo prints. Would love to know your thoughts.









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