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What Company saysIf your eye could do the talking it would de­finitely recommend this oil to you. This bottle contains drops made of Saffron, Lotus and Vetiver known to be: skin nourishing, dark circle reducing, puffiness reducing and skin lightening.
Oh yes. Those eyes do speak when it’s free of dark circles and puffiness.

BENEFITS: Reduces dark circles and puffiness, lightens skin.

100% Vegan, No Animal By-products, No Animal Testing, No Harmful Chemicals, No Sulphates/SLS/SLES, No Silicones, No PEG/PPG, No Mineral Oil/Petrolatum, No Parabens.

Price: Rs. 350 for 8ml

What I think: This is something I stumbled upon while just looking around in health and glow, some 2 months back. The idea of under eye oil intrigued me, and being a skin oil hoarder, I swiftly put it in my basket. When I came home and opened it, honestly, I was really put off by the smell. It is very Ayurvedic, nothing wrong there, but it reminds me of the mehendi oil they apply before applying mehendi on hands, and that kinda scared me. It is a very strong smell, so it might bother some people out there.

The packaging is great, its a glass tube, with a plastic roller on on top, closed with a golden cap. The packaging makes it super easy to use, but I would have loved if they placed a metal roller instead. Metal rollers tend to be smoother on skin and also give a cooling sensation. The plastic roller is a little harsh, in my opinion.

The oil itself is very light weight. It is not super thick, or greasy or too “oily”, if you know what I mean. Even though its an oil, I don’t find it super hydrating on its own. So I started using it on top of eye cream as a little extra something for my skin. It does smoothens my under eyes. I love to apply it before makeup, and let it sit for atleast 30 mins. My concealer goes really well on top of it, although, I wouldn’t recommend applying heavily and going in with makeup immediately, it will cause the concealer to crease.

The texture is almost like a dry oil, it gets absorbed in 2-3 mintues. Over time, I have noticed that it does makes the skin smooth and a little bright. But I don’t have intense dark circles, only the ones I get on the days I am sleep deprived. Because of the ease of using this, I am kind of addicted to applying it every now and then, on the days I am at home for full day. Even when I apply a face mask, I apply this under eye oil heavily for 15 minutes, and then wash it away with the pack.

It didn’t give me any bumps around my eyes, and my sensitive skin is ok with it too.

I would say with all the organic ingredients, its a good to have product. Although, it won’t replace your under eye cream. At Rs. 350, it is not too expensive, so one can use it if they want to add a little something extra to their eye care routine.

Summing up pros and cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Lightweight, doesn’t make my under eyes very greasy
  • Easy to use roll on
  • Sleek packaging, travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Lasts very long
  • Slightly smoothens the skin over time

You might hate it coz:

  • Doesn’t really do much of brightening
  • Very strong smell
  • Plastic roller is not the softest on skin

Adherence to Claims
Availability (in India)

I would say you may buy it if you really want to try it, but I won't call it a must have.

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