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Today I am reviewing 6 Sephora eyeshadows that I own. If you don’t know, Sephora has their own in house brand, called Sephora (duh!). Ever since they opened in Bangalore, I have been making visits and picking eyeshadows, one colour at a time. Out of the 6 eyeshadows, I have 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. How do I find them? Read on to find out.

Sephora eyeshadows come in individual pans, and I must say, they are huge for a eyeshadows. For someone who has been using MAC refills for so long, these do seem quite big. They packaging is plastic, flip close types. The top is clear so you can see the colour directly. I love it this way, as I can directly pick what I want from the basket of different shadows easily. The prices are varied, depending on the finish of the shadow. Also, I have noticed, from the time I bought first shadow, till date, the prices have risen considerably, and that is not a very long time gap.

The packaging is sturdy, I have travelled with these, and none of them ever broke, which is a huge plus. They do have palettes at Sephora, you can take out the shadow pans from their individual packaging, and place in the Sephora palette. It is a great idea for travelling.

They do have a huge range of eyeshadows, and a variety of formula. I love how I can find almost any color in their range.

Matte eyeshadows: I have three shades in matte eyeshadows. the pigmentation on these is good. when you swatch them on your finger, they all look great, but my problem is when I use them with a brush. The shadows don’t apply as pigmented and look a little patchy. Every time I try to cover my full lid with the matte shadows, it looks very unblended and rough. No matter how much effort I put in. I always need to put a base cream shadow to use the matte ones as a overall lid color, however, they work great as crease shades. The blending in crease is far easier with these. Although, they have quite a lot of fallout. As I understand, getting a full blown saturated smokey eye with these is not possible without base, but with base, they look beautiful. The staying power is what impresses me. Without primer, they easily stay 5 hours on me, and I have really oily eyelids. With primer, I can easily make them last for 7 hours.


Green Tea Time: A mint green. The shadow looks a little more satin to me, compared to other mattes. I love the color. It is very bold and bright. Looks beautiful on the lower lashline. Gives an amazing pop to the makeup. I wear it with black winged liner on top, and this on bottom lash line. It is very flattering on any skin tone. The color is fairly pigmented, one might need to layer, depending on how bright you like it.

Red Wine – Deep red with purple undertones. it looks beautiful in crease with any color on lid. It is the most blendable of the 3 mattes. The color is stunning. It is almost oxblood, but the red tones are very flattering. It is not a color that will make your eyes look tired. I love to use it as a transition to black smokey eyes, it gives a beautiful depth to the eyes.

Sailor Kiss – Deep navy blue, very cool toned. This color looks very rich in the pan, but can be a little hard to work with. Blending this one is a little more tedious. As an overall lid color, you have to have  cream base beneath, or it will never give the payoff you want. the color does not layer very good either.

Shimmer eyeshadows: The shimmer eyeshadows from Sephora are much better than their mattes. These are pigmented, blendable and look beautiful on eyes. I usually pat them with my fingers, but even with a flat brush, they work great. They layer easily and can be applied wet too. If you want more foiled affect, dampen your brush with a fixing spray or eye drops, and then dip in the eyeshadows. There is minimal fall out and the colors can be layered to intensify. The only problem I face is if you try to blend them, the color fades a lot. You will need to re-apply the color to bring back the depth. Overall, I prefer these a lot more over the matte shadows. They last on me a good time, but I always use them with a base.

Tiramisu: This eyeshadow has been used and abused a lot by me. Its a bronze with cool undertones. I love it for a smokey eye. The color and formula, both a perfection. I highly recommend this shade.

Midnight: This shadow is more of glitter shadow than a shimmer one. It is a charcoal based color with multi colored glitter flecks in it. Once you apply it, it mostly looks like deep grey with a lot of shine, up close one can see the multi color reflections. I love how this color flatters me. The only problem being, given it has a lot of glitter, there is quite a bit fall out, and it takes a little effort to even out the glitter on the lids. Its a beautiful color for special occasions, do give it a swatch when you are around sephora.

Cookie Crunch: This color is quite close to Tiramisu, but it does not look as cool toned. While tiramisu is more taupe-y bronze, this one is more gold bronze. I love this color as much as I love tiramisu. Both the colors are very flattering on medium skin tones. They are great for a smokey eye, I atleast wear  them once a week, which is a lot for me, given the collection of eyeshadows I have.


Overall, the range of colors is great at sephora, but these are a little too pricey, pricier than MAC refills. I would recommend going over and trying the colors you like, take the help of the SA. Buy the colors that really flatter you. Times when you need a very specific color to match your outfit, Sephora might just have it. Sadly sephora is only in limited cities in India, but I hope they launch their online shop soon.



L to R: Tiramisu, Midnight, Cookie Crunch

L to R: Green Tea time, Red Wine, Sailor Kiss


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There are some great shadows in Sephora collection, but given the price, I would recommend swatching and trying them before splurging.

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