PAC Zero Pore Separation cream, EyeShadow Base, Tinted Shine Moisturizer – Review


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With summers here, makeup primers become my essentials. With all the heat and sweating, primer are your best friends to make your makeup last and look fresh for longer. With this in my mind, I ordered the PAC primers a few weeks ago. They have launched a new Pore primer too, which I am yet to try. But I will be talking about 2 of their face primers and one eye shadow base today.

Zero Pore Separation Cream 01 – Rs. 650 for 30gms

I have dry skin, so I am usually more drawn to things that promise hydration, but during summers, I want primers that smoothen my skin and make my makeup stay too. Zero pore separation cream comes in 2 shades. I have the clear one, there is a shade 02 which has a little tint to it. This primer is best suited for oilier skin tones which have texture issues. It is high in silicone content, so if you are allergic to silicone, stay away from this one. It has the gel like consistency, and it is VERY slippery to touch. Once you apply it on the skin, it almost feels a little heavy at first. You can feels the slippery texture on your skin, almost like it is sitting on top and not get absorbed. Well, that is the purpose of this primer. It is meant to sit into all your pores and fine lines, and make your skin looking smoother; and that it does. I can feel my skin becoming very smooth once I put this on. My smaller pores and fine lines are almost filled in, however it is not very effective for large pores. You need a little amount only. The foundation goes on nicely on top of it but I don’t see it helping with the longevity of my makeup.

It is quite similar to the Colorbar primer. The packaging is in a nice translucent glass tub with a screw tub. Not very travel friendly though. Also, the big mouth of the tub does lead to a little wastage as the product gets stuck in the threads of the screw cap. Also, not very hygienic if you are a little bacteria freak like I am. I use a fresh Q-tip everytime to take out the product. Overall, I find this primer nice to have but not a great buy as such. But if you like silicone primers, do give it a try.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Tinted Shine Moisturizer – Rs. 650 for 30ml

This primer is again a clear primer with gold flakes in it. It looks amazing aesthetically. I love those gold flakes floating in round it. The flakes do tend to settle down, so give it a little shake before using. It comes in a plastic pump dispenser, which makes me really happy. The consistency is quite liquidy, and the flakes don’t show up as shimmer on skin, they just melt away. It feels very cooling on the skin and has a nice hydrating feel to it. It leaves my skin looking slightly glowy, not luminous, but I can see a subtle glow. This one too has that silicone feel, but not as heavily as the zero pore cream. It goes on smooth but once you work it in, it does make your skin a little tacky, which is great, as your foundation sticks on it nicely and lasts longer. I am using it a lot these days, and I find it works good in keeping my makeup in place for a little longer. It is hydrating, but by no means can it replace your moisturizer. I am not sure why they call it tinted, because it is a clear primer. May be because of the gold flakes perhaps? As it is not oily or greasy, it is well suited for all kind of skin types.

Overall, I like it much better than the zero pore separation cream. I am not sure if I will repurchase, but I like how it works for my summer light makeup. Its a nice primer, but again, not a holy grail material in my opinion.

My Rating: 3.5/5

EyeShadow Base – Rs. 650 for 12ml

Now this is what holy grails look like. The eyeshadow base from PAC is a gel formula, without any tint. Comes in a nice plastic pump bottle. I am in love with this primer. It also has some silicone in it, which smoothens the lines on my eyelids to some extent, and I love that about it. It feels a little tacky but not too much, so you don’t have to set it with powder. Just apply it, and you’re good to go in with your eyeshadows. I am using this stuff almost everyday. It makes my eyeshadows pop a lot more, they stay longer and my creasing issues are a lot less. My overall skin is dry, but for some reason, I have oily eyelids. This helps keep the oil at bay for 5-6 hours, which increases the longevity of my eye makeup. I also use it on my eyebrows and underneath my concealer. It helps my concealer go on so much better, and also helps with the under eye creasing. You need a very little amount, and this bottle will last you really long. Even on the days I am applying just an eyeliner, I like to use it on my lids. It has helped with the eyeliner bleeding so much, I can see my liner staying put through the day. It has never given my allergies or flaky skin on my eyelids.

If you are looking for an eyeshadow base, this one is a great to have. Because their is no tint to it, it can be used universally. Love love love it to bits.

My Rating: 4.5/5

I hope you guys like my reviews. You can find all the PAC products on amazon or on their website,

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PAC has a bunch of primers, dealing with different skin concerns. So far, I am intrigued. I plan to try the pore primer and the makeup moisturizer from them soon.

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