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My mind and my soul are fully loyal to the beauty blender. I am obsessed with it, and can never EVER live without it. I use the beauty blender to blend my foundation, my concealer, my cream contour, to set my under eye area, to set my makeup with setting spray and what not. It is my HOLY GRAIL and nothing can replace the place it has in my heart. Phew! That being said, it is expensive. For a sponge, hell yeah it is expensive. But only someone who has used it will understand why technically, the price is justified. But because of the price factor, I am always on a look around for a dupe of beauty blender that can work somewhat like it. And in my journey to find the dupe, I landed with the PAC Cosmetics Beauty blender. It looks the same, it feels the same. But does it work the same? Read on to find out.

Price for Qty.: Rs. 485 for one blender

Product & Texture: It is an egg shaped sponge which is a little flat at the bottom. It is hot pink in color, and is very squishy to touch. One needs to dampen it to use it.

What I have to say: Let’s start with, “this is the best and the closest dupe to the original beauty blender” that I have ever used. Yes! It is! Every bit of a beautiful product. It comes in a hard board box packaging that is really helpful, I mostly store the blender inside it once used. The color and the shape of this sponge is exactly the same as the original beauty blender (let’s just call that OBB). When you first hold it in your hands, it is unbelievably soft, honestly, softer than the OBB. But being soft is not the purpose that it comes with. It needs to be dampened with water before use, I put it under running water and squeeze it a good 12-15 times until it is almost double its original size. Then I squeeze the excess water and as an additional step, I press it inside a towel once just to make sure there is no excess water at all.

To use it, I prefer to use stippling motions on my skin. I dot foundation all over my skin and then go on to blend it with this PAC blender. I own the pro version of the OBB, and I must say, the end result of using PAC blender is quite close to the OBB. There are a few difference, like, I need to go over my skin a tad more with the blender to get the desired result. I have also noticed it is less porous than the OBB which is why it absorbs less makeup product, giving more coverage than OBB, which is a great thing. The final result is quite flawless and airbrushed. My foundation looks very luminous and the concealer goes on very smoothly. Thumbs up for that. I see that is absorbs a lot more water, which doesn’t really get out easily, I feel it is more wet than OBB while using it over my face. If I mix oil with my foundation and use this to apply it, I can see the water comes out from the sponge while stippling the foundation, making the oil and foundation break a little. So I stick to using it on my face only when I am not mixing any oils to my base makeup. It is great for concealer though. I have a habit of going overboard with the concealer, this really blends it out seamlessly, but then takes a little longer than the OBB. One more problem with it is cleaning it. It feels so fragile while I am washing it that I feel I will tear it easily. Also, it gets stained so easily. I use the solid beauty blender cleaner to clean it, but there is some part of the blender that will remain stained, no matter how much I try.

All being said, I think this is the closest dupe to the original beauty blender that I have ever used. I have tried the real techniques one, the forever 21 one, the Inglot one, and I am the most satisfied with this. For the price that is comes, it is a must buy, it costs less than half the OBB which is great.

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Very affordable
  • Available online on Flipkart and Amazon India
  • Feels very soft on skin, blends foundation seamlessly
  • Comes in a box, which can be used to store it later

You might hate it coz:

  • A little difficult to clean
  • Holds back more water than original beauty blender

Size comparison


Availability (in India)

Overall, this product is amazing. Its much cheaper than any other tool used to apply foundation, and much more effective. I would highly recommend this to everyone, especially if you are someone with dry skin, this will make your foundation look very luminous.

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