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How are you all doing? Now that we are officially in November, I am kind of getting sad. 2016 is getting over so soon, I feel like I barely looked at my watch 10 times and the year is already ending. Anyway, no matter how sad I am, there is always makeup.

With that in mind, can we first talk about the number of new launches that happened in last 6 months. I am not even able to keep track of them. Amidst all the famous brands coming up with new launches, we have a new brand launched in India. Nykaa came up with their nail paints sometime last year and now they bring us their Matte lipstick range. And can we appreciate the price range for a moment. I am soooo glad that Nykaa decided to keep their prices so convenient. I was so sick of over priced mediocre makeup launches, but Nykaa has changed the game. Their nail paints were already great quality, and their lipsticks, they had similar claims. The moment I saw them all, I knew I had to try them. So I started by ordering my top 3 from the collection. By the way, they did come up with 12 new shades. I am sure everyone can find something for their taste.

I went with the nudes first (duh) and also ordered their darkest, vampiest colour. That is my colour area, nude or vampy. How did these fare me? Read on to find out.


What Nykaa Says:

Nykaa So Matte! Lipstick Collection

You’ve got a new favorite matte lipstick! The creamy, long-lasting texture gives you pout-worthy lips in one stroke. It effortlessly glides on your lips, giving you a gorgeous soft matte finish. Pucker up and party with our delectable matte lipstick. Muah!

Plush, pigment-rich formula

Intense colour pay-off.

Smooth texture.

One stroke application.

Luxurious, effortless glide.

Soft matte finish.

Price: Rs. 399 for 4.2 gms of product

What I think: I will keep this review short and simple. Nykaa knocked it out of the park with these lipsticks. I am so so thrilled to have these shades, that I went on to order 5 more. I love love love the formula. They are not flat mattes, more like moist mattes. The colours are super pigmented, even with the nudes, 2 strokes, and you are done. They apply super smooth, with no tugging whatsoever, and never dry out my lips. The nudes don’t stain your lips much, but the darker colour do leave a pretty stain. They easily stay on 4+ hours on my lips, darker color stays even more. I love how they never turn patchy through the day, and I never feel uncomfortable with them on my lips.


The first color I have is 10M Mischievous Plum. This colour is fall in a tube. If you love dark vampy colours, this is the perfect shade. I don’t even need to layer it a lot, 2 strokes give me the perfect even colour. They do have a tad shine to them, there is no glitter in it though, but with the nourishing oils, it is not a super matte as I like my bold colors to be. But that can be sorted with a little blotting and translucent powder. This colour stays on me easily for 4 hours, after that leaves a pretty stain that only goes off with a makeup remover.

The other 2 colours I have are 11M Naughty Nude and 12M Taupe thrill. I love them both to bits. In the tube they look very very similar, but Taupe thrill is more cool toned than naughty nude. I find Taupe thrill can be a good dupe for the famous MAC Whirl lipstick. It is that perfect instagram kylie jenner colour. I think I am going to run out of it really soon, I can’t seem to be able to put it down. Naughty nude is great too, its more peachy and warm on me. Its a great everyday office colour for any skin tone. Medium to darker skins tones will enjoy it more.


Mischievous Plum, Naughty Nude, Taupe Thrill


Did I mention the packaging is so cool? Its a square cuboid shaped tube, which shuts with magnetic closure. It looks very chic and very high endy. You can’t tell the price by the packaging, I could easily give a higher price for it. But Nykaa somehow manged to get it all in Rs. 399.

Overall, if you love lipsticks, these are must try. Even if you are someone who always buys only high end brands, I would say give these a try. They feel quite high end on lips.


10M Mischievous Plum


10M Mischievous Plum


10M Mischievous Plum



12M Taupe Thrill


12M Taupe Thrill


12M Taupe Thrill



11M Naughty Nude


11M Naughty Nude


11M Naughty Nude

Availability (in India)

I am super duper impressed with Nykaa lipsticks. They are available online on their website, I would highly recommend giving these a try.

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