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Today I am reviewing one of the most talked about products from LA Girl. Now, ever since they have launched in India, I have been slowly buying all their famous products, so this one had to be on my list. I got a kit of six shades. These were supposedly dupes for the famous Too Faced melted lip paint. The packaging is also similar, except the applicator, which is a sponge in case of Too faced, but a slant plastic tip in these LA Girl ones. The tube reminds me good old vaseline lip balm, though it is easy to use, but with so much colour saturation, it becomes difficult to apply perfectly around edges of the lips. That being said, this product is a gloss lovers dream. I myself prefer my bright lip colours to be matte, but my nudes to be glossy, but these however, I do enjoy wearing them every once in a while.


The quality is pretty much consistent in all the shades, except a few which are more streaky than others. These are like lip glosses, but thicker and more pigmented. Make no mistake, these are not liquid lipsticks, neither do they claim to be one. They never settle down to a matte finish. To apply these, I usually take some out on the back of my hand and then apply with a lip brush, I find applying with the applicator straight is a little difficult. It is a squeeze tube, so one can control the amount of product that comes out. The texture I find is a little sticky, that does help with the longevity of the product, but makes it difficult to wear with open hair (you know the struggles). The more lighter shades are a little streaky compared to the bolder shades, I don’t have all of them but I can make out the differences with these 6 shades. I also do not recommend pressing your lips too much after applying this, it can go patchy very easily.

Usually I use these to top over my lipstick, that increases the stay of colour on my lip, but you can totally wear them on their own, they have enough pigment to cover your lips. Or else, I would recommend using them with a lip liner, because they do have tendency to bleed a little on their own. As they are not matte, they do not dry out my lips, infact I find them quite hydrating on me. They never emphasize the texture on my lips, and do not fade in a weird way.

Inspite of the drawbacks, I find myself going back to these more often than I found have imagined. For the price, they are a good to have product, especially if you love your glossy lips.

Price: Rs. 650 for 8ml

1.Pin Up: This is a true red colour. Has slight blue undertones, and will work for all skin tones. This is one of the best pigmented shade, applies smoothly and stays for upto 2-3 hours leaving a slight stain behind.



2. Coy: This is a pastel purple, looks a lot like the purple Aishwarya Rai had worn in the last Cannes festival. It is not the colour that will suit all skin tones, but if you are feeling bold, you might want to give it a try. You can make it wearable by applying it on top of a bright pink lip. I enjoy the colour on me. The texture of this one is a little streaky, but can be managed with a little lip liner underneath. The longevity is not as much as Pin Up. It also doesn’t leave any stain behind.



3. Blushing: This one is my favourite colour of the lot. It’s a mauvy pink, with neutral undertones. It does not look too bright on me, and works great with almost any eye makeup. Its one of those famous instagram lip colours, more like the glossy version. I love how it looks on me. The pigmentation is great and it applies very smooth. If you want to start with one colour from this range, I would recommend this one.



4. Baby Doll: This one is a pastel pink, with milky undertones. Its one ofthose barbie pinks. This particular color is not very flattering on my skin tone. People with lighter skin would love this colour, but for medium to dark skin tones, this colour may wash out the lips. I sometimes use this in the center of my lips with darker pink on the entire lips, it works great for that highlighted lips. The texture of this one is a little thin. The application is also streaky. If you have to apply this, a lip liner beneath, or a lipstick is a must. On its own, its a little difficult to work with.



5. Bombshell: This colour is easily my favourite for medium skintones. It is a bright berry pink. The colour is deep while being bright at the same time. It is very flattering on any skin tones. It is one of those colours that brighten your face. The application of this one is smooth, but the pigmentation is a little uneven. I need to go over 2-3 times to make sure it looks perfect. It stays on my lips for around 2 hours, without staining my lips.



6. Hot Mess: This colour is a true orange. Its bright, bold and in your face kind of orange. It can look a little yellow on my skin tone, so I like to mix it with a little red. The application is a little streaky for this guy, but can be easily managed and smoothed over with a few strokes. It reminds me of MAC Morange. If you are looking for a proper orange with no red or pink tones, you might want to give this a try.



You’ll heart it coz:

  • They are available in huge colour range
  • Easy to carry squeeze tube
  • Makes the lips look glossy and full
  • Pigmentation is good

You might hate it coz:

  • Few colours can be a little streaky to apply
  • The price point is not very affordable
  • Can be sticky on lips
  • Longevity is not great


Availability (In India)

Even though these lip paints show inconsistency, I think people who love their lips glossy and rich looking, this product can be a good choice. Though, with price being Rs. 650, I won't say it is affordable.

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