Inglot HD Sculpting Powder 501, 502 – Review and Swatches


What Company saysThis subtle pressed powder with diamond dust is a must-have in your purse for instant touch-ups. It is perfect to hide skin’s little imperfections and leave the face looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Outstanding film-forming agents provide a smooth and long-lasting finish. Ideal for everyday use, this product may also be used for filming in high definition and will ensure the face looks flawless even on a big screen. Can be used on bare skin, over foundation and all over the eye area preventing colour grabbing to skin, ensuring easy and perfect blending of the eye shadow.

All INGLOT’s HD products contain HD pigments. Ideal for everyday use, these products may also be used for filming in high definition, ensuring the face looks flawless even on a big screen.

The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colours to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. All Freedom System palettes are eco-friendly and reusable. Products may be purchased with the palettes or individually.


Price: Rs. 550 for 5.5 gms (each refill)

What I think: With the rage on contour and highlighting these days, every brand has been launching contour kits. I personally am not fond of all of them, because usually they have some 6 shades, and out of them only 2 or 3 are used, rest remain unused while you pay for the entire kit. I do love my Makeup Revolution Kit though (review here) because all the shades in the palette suit me nicely and I use them all.

I have been using Inglot for a while, and have always said it is underrated in India. They have some amazing products. They also came out with a range of sculpting powders. It had several setting powders with yellow or pink undertones, and several contour shades, for different skin tones. When I saw these in the display, it was instant love. One can buy these refill pans individually and fit them in any z-pallette. I love the fact that I can pick the colors that suit my complexion best.

I picked up 501, which is a yellow banana powder, in pressed form and 502, which is a cool toned brown, great for contouring.

501 Yellow powder: The banana powder is very pigmented and yellow. It works great in highlighting my under eye area or cleaning up under my contour. the texture is very fine and very smooth. I love using this on the days I want to look extra chiseled. The powder, however, I don’t find great for setting the concealer under eyes. I see some creasing through the day, which does not happen if I use my MAC prep+prime powder (reviewed here). So I essentially use it only to brighten my under eyes. I set the concealer with a different powder and then use this yellow powder on top of it. I love the effect it gives. It does smoothen the skin as well, and being so pigmented, I only have to use the slightest amount. It works great for my skin tone, but for people a lot lighter than me, it might look a little too yellow. They do have different shades for different skin tones, so you might want to check out their store.

502 Contour powder: This powder has become my most used contour product. It is cool toned brown, but doesn’t look grey. It does not make my skin look muddy, instead, it adds a perfect shadow underneath my cheek bones. I love how natural it looks on me. It is highly pigmented and little amount works great. It is only a shade or 2 darker than my skin tone, hence I can use it liberally, it won’t look too stark on me. It is very easy to blend, hence I don’t have to spend too much time on it. I use my Zoeva 109 brush (review here) to apply it. If you are looking for a contour shade, this one is a must try.

Both the powders stay easily for 6 hours on me, without turning patchy. They blend seamless too.

Summing up Pros and cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Highly pigmented
  • Not too pricey
  • One can choose best suited shade
  • Easily blended
  • Easy to customise

You might hate it coz:

  • Inglot doesn’t have stores everywhere, and the products are mostly out of stock online.
  • The yellow powder works great for highlighting, but not great as a setting powder for undereyes.

left: 501; right: 502 (without flash)

left: 501; right: 502 (with flash)

Availability (in India)

These are great products if you are into the whole contouring trend. I am head over heels in love with them. Highly recommended.

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