Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions and Electric Obsessions – Review and Swatches


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Today I am reviewing the much raved and talked about palettes from the brand Huda Beauty. Now, huda beauty has had its fair share of controversies, but their products have always intrigued me. Ever since the brand came to India, I have been kind of on the edge to whether or not buy them. Their liquid lipsticks have a huge following, but I find them very pricey for the product they are. The eyeshadow palettes (the bigger ones) are more than INR 4000. I never could make up my mind to buy them.

Recently, they launched their obsessions palettes in India too, and I saw it as a good opportunity to give a try to their products. The obsessions palettes are smaller versions of their eyeshadow palettes, based around a specific colour theme. They have quite a few choices, but I went for Coral and Electric obsessions palettes.

Let me just say, I like their eyeshadows, but I am not head over heels for them.

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Rs. 2500 for 9 eyeshadows

What I think:

Huda beauty products are expensive. Let’s read on to the review keeping in mind that it is placed as a luxury brand and priced accordingly. It is what raises the expectations for me. If I am paying that kind of $$, I need to see quality and worth for my money.

The palettes have 9 eyeshadows, with a mix of mattes and shimmers. Every eyeshadows palette has a different number of shimmer to matte eyeshadows. The packaging is simple, sturdy and practical. It comes with a mirror, which a really appreciate. They close with a magnetic closure and they do shut tight. I have travelled with the palette, and I find no issues carrying it around. There is no brush provided, but given the size of the palette, I don’t think they could fit one anyway.

Coral Obsessions:

This palette is themed around orange corally shades. It has 7 matte eyeshadows and 2 shimmer eyeshadows. It is not a complete palette in itself, I need to find a base, a highlight and a deep colour from a different palette. I feel this palette has a bunch of transition colours and then 2 accent colours. 2 of the shades in the palette are very very similar. I don’t get why they both need to be there. One could have been easily replaced with a nice deep colour or a highlight colour.

The colour scheme is very beautiful, but then again, its not sufficient. The matte eyeshadows are pigmented nicely, but I have used better eyeshadows. PAC eyeshadows, Revolution Pro eyeshadows, the ABH palettes, they all have much better formula, at a lower price. I don’t find the mattes very creamy. They are ok. The colours do blend nice. They sit on my eyelids nicely, are not patchy and do not bunch up weirdly.

The shimmer eyeshadows are good. They work best with fingers or a damp brush, as is with most shimmery eyeshadows these days. There is fallout for sure, and I also see kick back on the eyeshadows, but it is nothing too much. With this much pigmentation, I expected some fallout.

Electric Obsessions:

This one is a better palette in my opinion. The colour scheme is bright and vibrant. Again, its not something that I can use alone to create an everyday look with, but if you want some fun colours in your collection, this one has some great eyeshadows.

There are 6 mattes and 3 shimmers in this palette. I love the rainbow like theme, and I love how pigmented the colours are. Again, I see a fuschia and a purple matte eyeshadow, which are quite similar and one of them could have been easily replaced with another fun colour, perhaps a green. The yellow is a little disappointing. It is not as pigmented as other colours.

I used it in my pride makeup tutorial here.

The red and pink eyeshadows do stain my skin, so I recommend using an eyeshadow primer as a barrier. The blend easy, and layer up easy too. This palette has a lot of fallout too. If you plan to use it, do so before you do your face makeup.

You can buy Huda beauty from Nykaa.

Summing up pros and cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Blendable
  • Nice colour schemes
  • Travel friendly
  • Variety of themes available
  • Easily available online

You might hate it coz:

  • Expensive
  • Has fallout/kick back in the pan
  • Brighter colours stain the skin



Availability (in India)

All being said, I was left wanting more. I liked the palettes, the concept, but I am not blown away. Given the rave reviews I have seen on these, I don't find them meeting the standards. If you really want to buy these, they are not bad, but there are better alternates at much affordable price.

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