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With summers here, as much I am excited to pull out my cottons and linens, I get worried about my makeup melting off. Makeup fixing sprays become a must for me in the heat. I am a fan of MAC fix+, but it works great to take away the powdery-ness from my makeup, making skin glow. It does not set my makeup or increase its longevity. Hence, I am always on a lookout for makeup setting sprays. Freedom makeup, being my recently beloved brand, I had to try their fixing spray. Read on to find out how it fared for me.

What company says: PROTECT Your Look! Pro Fixing Spray – the “Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon” to set makeup in place. The specialized formula will keep your finished look just how you want it, from all day use to professional photographic studios. Directions: Apply light sprays, holding the spritzer at arm’s length, over your completed look.

Price for Qty.: Rs. 1000 for 100ml

Product & Texture: It is a makeup setting spray, packaged in a spray bottle, meant to be sprayed over the makeup to make it last longer.

What I have to say: I have very dry skin, yet my makeup sometimes melts off my T-zone on hot summer days. I hate to see all the hard work go away just like that, which is why I love bathing in fixing sprays after I do my makeup. In case you are wondering why the additional step, I would like to mention it is not something mandatory. It’s like hair spray, but for your face. Like if you don’t set your hair curls with a hair spray, they would still be fine, but will last a little less.

The spray comes in white and silver plastic bottle, which is not cheap at all. It looks and feels sturdy. The spray nozzle is amazing, it does not squirt big droplets on my face, only a fine mist which easily spreads all over my face. The mist sometimes I feel is a little too fine, no matter how much I spray on my face, I never get that drenched feeling. It does take away the excess powder from my face and makes my makeup all blend in better, giving a more natural look. I would like to mention, it does have a smell, and it is not pleasant. It is almost medicinal, but the good part is, it does not linger. The smell is gone within 10 seconds of applying it, so that’s a relief.

I have been using this setting spray for almost 2 weeks now. I have noticed, with this on, my T-zone doesn’t get oily upto 6 hours. My blush and bronzer are intact for longer and my foundation doesn’t go patchy. The overall longevity of my makeup is also increased by atleast an hour or so. Most importantly, my makeup stays put under the sun as well. The heat does not melt away my makeup too much. This does not totally prevent fading of my makeup, but it does help to keep it looking fresher for a little longer. All this if I spray it once after doing my makeup. Sometimes I would carry it with me on the go, and spray twice or thrice, before getting out in the sun. That way it would keep my makeup fresher for even longer. So thumbs up for that.

It may not be the ultimate makeup setting spray, but it is good to have. I love the spray nozzle and I love how fresh it makes my skin. Thumbs up from my end.

Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Takes away the powdery-ness of the makeup
  • Prevents the foundation from going patchy too soon
  • Helps keep the blush and bronzer intact for longer
  • Great spray nozzle, spreads easily on the face
  • Does increase my makeup longevity by 1-1.5 hours

You might hate it coz:

  • Has a medicinal smell to it, but that fades away quickly
  • Availability might be an issue online, it is mostly out of stock

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Availability (in India)

I really like this setting spray, though not my ultimate favorite. In case you want to try it, it’s not a waste of money either, it’s good to have, but not a must have.

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