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Today’s product review is on colourpop eyeshadow palettes. I have 3 palettes from them, that I will review for you guys today. Earlier I thought I will do individual reviews for each of these, but then I realised some performance inconsistencies, and thought it’ll be a better idea to do a comparison along with reviewing them.

They may not be the most latest palettes from them, but it does give me an idea of the quality of eyeshadows from colourpop.

If you wish to know how I find them, please go on reading.


The packaging on all palettes is cardboard. They are all very sleek and sturdy. I love how convenient they are to cary. The only gripe is there is no mirror in any palette. I can work without it, but it comes in handy if you’re carrying them while traveling.

Palette 1: Colourpop X KathleenLights “Dream St.” palette

Price: $16 for 12 eyeshadows

I will start with the best of the lot. This eyeshadow palette is a dream come true (hence the name perhaps :P).

The colour scheme of this eyeshadow palette is beyond words. It has all kind of shades one would need for a complete eye makeup. It has perfect transition shades, highlight shades, deep shades, foiled eyeshadows and some pop of colours too. Its a perfect blend of neutral and bold eyeshadows.

The formula on the foiled/shimmery eyeshadows is amazing. They feel so luxurious and high end, its hard to believe they come in this price. I prefer using them with a damp flat brush or with my fingers.

The mattes are really pigmented too. They blend like a dream, without any patchiness at all. The shade ‘water bearer’, which is a matte deep teal blue is the only one which gave me a little problem in blending, but nothing too dramatic.

The eyeshadows stay on my eyelids for 5-6 hours easily without primer.

Highly recommend this one from colourpop.

Palette 2: Colourpop “Semi Precious” palette

Price: $26 for 8 eyeshadows

Now this palette is a shimmer/foiled eyeshadows only palette. It goes without saying that one would need to use other eyeshadows along with this one for a complete eye look, as there are no transition shades in the palette.

The quality of the eyeshadows on this one is a little lower than the Dream St. palette. The foil is not as intense as one would hope for. The eyeshadows are beautiful, the colours are great, but they don’t feel as intense as the ones in Dream St. palette. The shadows, nonetheless, are buttery and smooth for sure, and they sit well on my eyelids, do not go patchy and blend really well too. But given it is pricier than the Dream st. palette, I was expecting more.

I recommend the use of a damp brush or one’s fingers to apply the shadows. This eyeshadow palette is great for festive and bright looks. The army green shade (bashful),the red copper shade (easy go) and the pretty rose gold (Celestial) are my favourites from the palette.

I won’t go on to say it’s a must have, but its a good palette for the price, especially if you are looking for accent colours to go with your matte eyeshadows.

Palette 3: Colourpop “Yes Please!” palette

Price: $16 for 12 eyeshadows

This is the palette where my interest in Colourpop pressed eyeshadows actually started. The colour scheme on this palette is every warm tone lover’s dream. It’s perhaps on of the most used palettes in my collection. It goes from neutral simple to bold and smokey so easily. I have everything I need in one palette.

Its great for travel, I don’t have to carry a lot of other palettes. In terms of quality, I would again compare it to the Dream St. palette, and say that it is not as good. The mattes on this one are good, but not as good as the ones in Dream st. I still adore this palette, it has few of my favourite transition colours.

If you are starting to build your vanity or just learning how to do makeup, this palette is a great one to go for. The colours are amazing, and very forgiving.

Colourpop in India

Colourpop does ship globally, but you might have to pay customs. I would recommend ordering a bigger order at once, may be ordering for yourself and friends in one order. They offer free global shipping for orders more than $50.

All in all, colourpop has impressed me time and again. Hope you find the reviews helpful.

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