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Hey Guys. How are you. I know I have been a little slow with my posts lately. I am trying to change a few things up and get more videos out. Still working on that. Meanwhile, yesterday while applying my face mask, I noticed that I have a pretty good collection of these. I have been obsessed with face masks since forever. So I decided that I will post the review of all the face masks I use.

What company says: Aroma Magic had a humble beginning in 1992. The foundation was laid by Dr. Blossom Kochhar, who spent her childhood amidst coffee plantations in the Nilgiris. She was surrounded by nature, coffee blossoms, spices and all things beautiful. In fact, her passion for all things natural inspired in her a love for an alternative way of living and healing. Her passion led her to build a company around it, using natural fragrances, colours, plant extracts, organic ingredients and ancient herbal remedies which are so familiar and interwoven in everyday living in India. She created a range of honest skin, hair and wellness products delivering meaningful, effective results that had positive, healing effects on the mind, body and soul. She was joined by her husband, the late Col. V. Kochhar and her daughter, Ms. Samantha Kochhar (presently the Managing Director). Every formulation, packaging, belief and action has its roots firmly entrenched in healing, art, design, fashion, culture, history, artistic and scientific harmony, their contrasts and making sustainable, responsible lifestyle choices. Quality to Aroma Magic means having the freedom to create the best products with respect for our environment and the consumer. All Aroma Magic formulations are produced using high grade natural ingredients and apply the ancient sciences and modern scientific rigour to every product to guarantee the customer’s safety. We are committed to bring to you the best, natural and aromatherapy products, along with an incredible shopping experience and excellent customer service. Our extensive range of products will delight you day after day. Looking good, feeling good and doing good, is in essence, what Aroma Magic is all about.  

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Product & Texture: These are all ready to use face masks, packaged in a hygienic squeeze tubes with a screw cap, can be directly applied on clean skin, without any mixing or product addition.

Price: Each pack is priced at Rs. 375 for 100gms

What I have to say: Aroma magic was probably the first face pack I ever used. I have been using them since they came in the white and red tub packaging. They have been around for some time now, and I have never stopped using them. These are priced reasonably, are free of parabens and harmful chemicals, and they seem to never harm my sensitive skin. Let’s talk about them one by one.


  • Hydrating Seaweed Mask (4.5/5)
    This is probably my most used mask and most loved of all four. I use this one everyday. Yes, everyday. It is a hydrating, clear gel based mask, which doesn’t dry out on the skin. It looks like Aloe Vera gel. I keep it in my refrigerator, and after returning home every evening, I clean my face and apply this mask. The cool gel really calms my skin. Plus the hydration is always welcomed, given my skin is always dry. I love how it never irritates my skin, in fact, because I use it from the fridge, it really reduces the stress on my skin. Now coming to the claims. It is supposed to hydrate your skin, and it does that super well. I mostly like to leave it for 15 minutes. Because it does not dry out to pull your skin, I sometimes forget after applying it, once dried, it is not sticky at all. Infact, there have been days, when I come home tired. I clean my face, apply the mask, and fall asleep for sometime. Even with that abuse, it has never caused any breakouts on my skin. I love love love this mask. So much so, that this is the only one I buy from a beauty supply store, where you can get the larger size. Once I wash it, my skin is left glowing, hydrating and over time, I see it has really helped my skin texture look smooth. This is a must for me, if you are dry skinned and are willing to try a mask from Aroma magic, try this one. You will love it.



  • Anti-Pigmentation Glossy Mask: (4/5)
    After seaweed mask, this is my next favorite. This mask is meant for skin pigmentation. It is fit for all skin types. The mask is dark green in color, almost looks like henna paste. It smells very ayurvedic, almost medicinal. The smell does linger for a minute or two. I feel it has a little oil base to this, as this one does not dry out like a clay mask. It says it can be used on under eye area as well, and I will not disagree. Because it is not drying like clay masks, it does not tug the skin at all. It easily spreads, and can be washed in 10-15 minutes. I love the effect this mask has on my skin. It is perfect for special occasions, when you want to look fresh and alive. It leaves my skin with a healthy glow. The only problem however, is the effects are not very long lasting. I see the glow lasts for 36 hours maximum. It’s not one of those masks that you apply as a part of your night regime. It can be used right before heading out for an event. It will keep you looking healthy and glowy. It evens out the skin texture and I feel my skin is way smoother. I love to use this before any outing. If you have very oily skin, it will not mattify it, it does feel a little oily, so I recommend it to dry to normal skin tones. However, at this price point, it doesn’t hurt to try. You only need a small amount everytime.



  • Detoxifying Mineral Mask: (3.5/5)
    This mask is something that I am used to using, but I am not sure how helpful it is for me. It’s supposed to be good for oily combination skin. It is a off white clay based mask. I don’t usually apply it to my entire face, instead apply this on the center of my face, the nose and forehead. Everywhere else, I apply the seaweed or the glossy mask. I do see that it reduces my pore size a little, and leaves my skin feeling very very clean. This mask is clay based, so it does dry out quickly, and I wash it within 10 minutes. It does leave my skin feeling a little dry, so I guess oily skin people will really like it. There is not a very strong smell to it, which I like. I use it not more than once a week. Even though it does dry my skin, it never irritates it. I guess that is common with all aroma magic products, they don’t irritate sensitive skins, which is a great thing about them.



  • Instant Radiance Green tea Mask: (3.5/5)
    This one is my least favorite mask, for just one reason. The smell. It smells so chemically which I don’t understand why as these masks are free from harmful chemicals. It is one of those pearly white finishes, that dry out to look like glossy white film on the skin. Its easy to apply and sticks to its promise of instant radiance. I use it on days when I am looking very tired, and it does work great for that. But the smell sometimes, is a little too much for me. Had it not smelled that bad, I would use it more often. It is great to perk up your skin when you have sudden plans and you don’t have too much time to get ready. Apply this one for 10 minutes, and the skin will look glowy and fresh. But again with this one, the effects are not long lasting. I see the radiance not more than 24 hours on me. It does have a slight drying effect on my skin, not as much as a clay mask, but I do feel a little discomfort, until I apply some moisturizer on my skin.



Summing up the Pros and Cons.

You’ll heart it coz:

  • Affordable
  • Easily available in India
  • Free of parabens and harmful chemicals
  • Do what they claim
  • Easy to use, hygienic packaging
  • Available for all skin types and different skin problems

You might hate it coz:

  • Few masks smell weird
  • The effects may not last a very long time



Adherence to Claims
Availability (in India)

I have been using these masks since a very long time and I don’t plan on removing them from my regime anytime soon. Also, aroma magic has a huge range of face masks, no matter what your skin problem is, they will have a mask for it. Next time you see them somewhere, do take a look, you might find something to fit your need.

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